21.0 km

Stage 15 is part of the Munkastigen pilgrim’s trail, where you follow in the footsteps of the monks along the Kråksjöåsen boulder ridge, the route taken during the Middle Ages if you wanted to make your way to Olshammar. On one side of the ridge is Närke and on the other side is Västergötland. Altarstenen is reputed to be where the monks stopped to rest and pray. At Grytsjön there are several places where you can take time out to catch your breath and perhaps go for a swim. The resting place for the stage is located beside the beautiful Lake Kråksjön, with a wind shelter, fireplace and toilet. Gråmon also has a wind shelter, fireplace and toilet. STF has declared Stages 15-17 to be a signature trail with its abundance of natural features typical of the region, along with spectacular countryside and wildlife experiences.

Along the way