The old mill at Svartå gives you a sense of what a mill settlement could have looked like in the past. The trail passes a mining area with several shafts and spoil heaps. Beavers thrive in the small watercourses in the area. Something you must make a point of seeing are the magnificent shingle fields at Ekåsabränningen and the perfectly preserved Rankemossen marshlands. The marshlands are one of the few totally unspoilt marshlands in Närke and extend as far as the eye can see. During the spring you can even experience the call of the black grouse. At Ramundeboda you can explore the ruins of the monastery of the Hospital Order of St Anthony. The Bäckelid resting place is located beside a meandering stream and an ice-cold spring. There is a wind shelter, fireplace and toilet, as well as an old charcoal-burning hut.

Along the way