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Örebro län, Laxå


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As lang as you kan go north in Tiveden.
Hasselfors is beautifully situated between the lakes Toften and Teen with rich opportunities for both natural and cultural experiences. Hasselfors offers nice swimming sites, fishing lakes, famous walking trails, like the Pilgrim trail and historical sites. Visit the Hasselfors Bruksmuseum with history of almost 400 years of Hasselforses produce. Hasselfors has been build around iron production since the 1600s. Forestry, peat harvesting and farming became important. Central is the beautifull Skagershults church build in 1896, following design of architect Ferdinand Boberg.

The old wooden Skagershults church at the other side of lake Teen is worth a visit, beautiful surrounded by pastures and in the background Balby Mansion. Lillängen is a little nature reserve besides lake Teen with nice walking paths, especially in springtime. Here you will find Swedens most northern wild beech forest in the middle of the village. The observation tower at Olstorp, overlooking Skagerhultsmossen reserve, also attract visitors. Besides a lots of birds you see perhaps a glimpse of deer, grazing around Bålby Herrgård. Enjoy the view over the lakes and the reserves av Skagerhult and Rankemossen. Straffängsand at the northwest side of Toften has a long sandy beach. You can walk to Fagersand from here. Lots of local activities draw people at the yearly events ”Mopedens dag” and ”Hasselfors-kalaset”. Arrangements by the Hasselfors village community which makes the village alive and kicking.