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Örebro län, Askersund


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Hiking on blooming meadows
In the Snavlunda area people have lived and influenced the nature since the Stone Age. The landscape around Snavlunda och Tjälvesta has few counterparts in Sweden. It was formed by ice age glaciers. During springtime, as everything is blooming, it is particularly beautiful to hike and have a picninc in the area around Snavlunda.
Snavlunda signifies "thicket", which gives you a hint about the fact that the area used to be covered by forests. Nowadays, cows and sheeps are grazing in the meadows.

The natural reserve "Tjälvesta ängar " (the meadows of Tjälvesta) is worth a visit. There are three different parking spots in the area: in the northern part of Snavlunda, by the church or at the southern part of Tjälvesta. Within the reserve you can choose among a bunch of tours, their length is varying between 1 and 10 kilometers. It is very nice to sit with a picnic basket outside in the pastures and enjoy the flowers and the view.

Furthermore, you should not miss the open air heritage museum that is located next to te church.