True wildlife in an amazing nature

Tiveden forms a kind of biological border between North and South. In this area you will find flora and fauna that belong to both parts of Sweden. Here you will find information about the animals that live in the National Park and our reserves.


The presence of elk and deer are sparse. Foxes, hares, badgers, raccoon and squirrel occurs.

Even the beaver is to be found here. Sometimes there are problems when they are damming streams and ditches beside the road throughout the national park.

In recent years, the wolf appeared and held territory in the National Park.


Among the beetles there are rare species of rugged flat beetle, hairy flower trestle, violet banded weirder. Most exciting is the fauna of older pine and aspen.

The great long horns beetle is widespread in the southern parts of the national park,

and is also to be found in clearings and rocky areas just outside the park.


Grouse, boreal owl and other birds that thrive in old forests are found here.

Wildlife birds that give the park its character is the crane, capercaillie, hazel grouse, black-throated diver, nightjar, raven and a number of different species of woodpeckers and owls.

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