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Laxå, Örebro län


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Karamossen marsh is large, undisturbed and varied. Parts of it are very wet, while others are dry enough to venture on foot. The power line that stretches over the marsh is proof of that. Via this you can get all the way to the edge of the wet marshlands in the south east and discover a fantastic view over the marsh. From here you can also reach Storön island, a higher moraine ridge that leads due north through the middle of the marsh. Thanks to the island you can get very close to the marshlands in every direction. The forest on the island has previously been cultivated, today it is made up, mostly, of young spruce and pine trees with sections of birch. Even if some dead timber exists, it will take many years for this forest to become of real value. Something of note is the very large aspen in the middle of the island.

Karamossen is one of the municipality’s most important wetlands with its rich birdlife. During a visit anything from cuckoos to arctic loons can be spotted, golden plover’s song echoes across the marsh and pipets nest in the transitional area between the wetlands and the dry ground. Walking around the red moss cushions on the soft peat and moss covered ground feels like walking in cotton wool or on a cloud. The moss creates a miniature landscape in itself, hilly, decorated in sundew, cloudberries, cotton grass and roselings, while cranberry bushes creep closer to the moss.

The marsh might be undisturbed hydrologically speaking, but the closeness of civilization is apparent. It is, in a way, beautiful and hopeful that a so valuable a natural area can coexist in such close proximity to power lines, houses and industrial areas.

Karamossen is nearby, yet a well-hidden gem in the municipality’s forests.

Boots/wellingtons, coverall clothing, mosquito repellent and binoculars.

The terrain is very wet around the marsh, making it difficult to reach. At the moment there are no information signs or marked paths.