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Skaga stave church

Karlsborg, Västra Götalands län


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Skaga Stave Church is the third church on the site. The first, much legend-spun, was from the 12th century. It was demolished in 1826. The second church was inaugurated in 1960 and there was also a belfry with recovered church bells. In the New Year 2000, the church burned down due to an accidental fire, but a decision was soon made to rebuild. The third church, built in the old way of craftsmanship, was inaugurated in midsummer 2001, equipped with a coat of arms and newly designed church pews. The altar slab used is the steppingstone from the previous church, the only one that could be reused. A bear hide as a choir mat, a silver veil over the pulpit and a hollowed-out oak log belong, according to tradition and legend, to the church.