Karlsborg, Västra Götalands län


  • Mountainbiking

This trail goes back and forth on the only part of the national park which is easy to bike. This is for everyone who wants to bike in the forest but who is not looking for a technical challenge. It is for those who just want to enjoy the beautiful nature while having an easy ride. It’s a perfect ride for kids too!

Big parts of the trail are shared with horseback riders, please mind each other!

Stigmansgården trailhead

Stigmansgården is offering accommodation and café. The tour starts on the gravel road and leads you north, through the national park.

Main entrance

Following this gravel road you will pass by the main entrance of the national park. Feel welcome to stay on for a bit, find information about the region or even go for a little hiking loop. Here you will find toilets and an old water pump to fill up your drinking water.

After the main entrance you continue on the road until you turn right onto an old forest road, just after the parking lot of Lake Metesjön. A nice easy ride, surrounded by troll forest and boulders.


At the southern tip of lake Sör-Ämten, the circuit turns around and follows the same way back to Stigmansgården.