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50. Grönelid

Laxå, Örebro län


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The type of farmed land found in Grönelid was common in the past, spread throughout Tiveden’s forest landscape. Today, there is not much of it left, but here fields and meadows are kept open, as they were 100 years ago, and for centuries before that. The area gives sanctuary to species that depend on this earlier type of farmland, it is therefore protected as a Natura 2000-area.

In the farmed areas you can find meadow species such as cats foot, common milkwort, globeflowers, orchids and wolfs bane. Glönelid is also the only known place in the municipality where field gentian grows. Amongst the open meadows are large oak trees, sweet cherries, hazel bushes and juniper as well as small lakes with northern crested newts.

If you would like to enter the fields to get a closer look at the flora, make sure to close the gates behind you. There are both sheep and curious horses. For the less experienced or those unsure around horses, it is fine to call in at the farm and ask for advice.

It is possible to rent a cabin or book horse riding in the beautiful surroundings along Tiveden’s bridle paths.

Flora and hiking shoes.

A gravel road runs through the area that you can travel both by foot or on wheels. In order to experience the natural diversity close up, you will have to venture into the fields and be comfortable around grazing animals.