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Lake Bosjön

Laxå, Örebro län


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It is difficult to pin-point a start and finishing point for a visit to the lake. Maybe it’s the west side, with its narrow isthmus that separates the lakes Bosjön and Kvarnsjön, the most appealing starting point for an excursion. The best parking option is on the east side of the lake, that is also where Getaruggen Nature Reserve (43) is. Along the mountain trail there is a windbreak on the east shore of the lake. The lake itself is mosaic-like, with a winding shore, peninsulas and islands and can be explored by canoe. On land there is also much to explore. The lake surroundings of Bosjön are amazingly beautiful, with croft and farmlands, the history of which starts centuries before our time. Wander the roads and paths, perhaps a little bay will entice you for a dip?

The countryside has, for a long time, varied between open plains and wooded areas. This makes it possible to see remaining meadow and hay field flora, as well as woodpeckers that belong in the forest, and large black throated looms that soar over the lake. Spread around the lake are groves of deciduous trees, and perhaps it is the old buildings that attract several species of bats to the area?

Apart from the black throated loons that seem to be frequent visitors to the lake, ospreys and cranes have also been spotted here. In the various woodlands round the lake, different types of ferns, blue anemone and lily of the valley can be found, as well as boreal owls and capercaillie if you are lucky.

Here, around Bosjön lake, there is both nature and culture to explore. Wolves and lynxes are shy predators, but both are present in Tiveden. If you keep all your senses alert, maybe you will spot one from the canoe!

Canoe, possibly swimming gear.

The walk is what you make it. You might like to simply stroll down the gravel roads, or venture into the forest or out onto the lake?