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Laxå, Örebro län


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From the gravel road, you can see the little moss pond, romantically named Läppapuss (Lipkiss). East of the pond is an area full of impressive boulders. A path marked with blue ribbons leads past the boulders and up onto Läppapuss hill. Pick blueberries along the way and sit yourself down on a bed of lichen and take in the view. Explore the large boulders and the caves they have created. The rocky ground is dressed in pine trees along with reindeer and star-tipped cup lichen, while heather and blueberry bushes take over where there is enough soil.

If you continue down the gravel road there are more large boulders on your left. After approximately 1 km you will come across a cave on your right that has been created by cracks in the rock and very large blocks. In the past, wolves were a problem and they would be driven into these so-called “wolf-traps”. Exploring the caves is done at your own risk, it might be safer to just peer in from the various openings.

The trail is marked, but the terrain can be steep in places.