Laxå, Örebro län


  • Mountainbiking

A wonderful daytrip that passes by 9 lakes, the nature reserve of Fagertärn with its red water lilies and the open-air museum Dammtorp. Long parts of gravel road mixed with partly demanding forest paths. The first part of the tour leads among the walking trail Bergslagsleden where you should occasionally walk your bike.


You start at Tivedstorp, one of Tivedens old Finnish villages. In the 17th century Finns came here with the intention to populate this uninhabited wilderness, attracted by offers of free land and 6 years of tax exemption. They cleared land in the forest and started cultivating their crop “Svedjeråg”. The village of Tivedstorp grew and by the end of the 19th century it had around 140 inhabitants. After people migrated to the cities in the early 20th century the empty village was bought up by a voluntary organization which received refugees and later it became the hostel and café and remains so until today.


From the parking lot you ride across the village and into the forest path on the walking trail Bergslagsleden. Here you partly walk your bike over bridges and through some rocky and narrow sections.


After deep woods you reach a gravel road which passes by the village of Kråkvattnet. Here we recommend you to stay for a little break between the lakes Norra and Södra Trehörningen.

Genvägen (Shortcut)

This trail leads into the eastern part of the national park and connects the Fagertärnsturen with the Tjäderturen, the starting point for Tjäderturen is at Stigmansgården.


A bit after Genvägen the trail passes by Kroktärnarna which, together with Fagertärn, is seen as the place of origin for the red water lilies.


On an old railroad embankment you enter the nature reserve of Fagertärn. In here, please walk your bike. In 1856 the red water lilies were discovered here, which is a mutation descending from the white water lilie, Sweden’s biggest wild flower. They were the first to be put under nature conservancy in 1905.

There is an enjoyable little loop trail for hiking around the lake. The water lilies usually start blooming end of June.

Store Mossjön

After Fagertärn you continue your ride on the road and after a little while you turn into a path towards Store Mossjön. Here is a resting spot right next to the lake.

If you prefer to stay on gravel road, you simply follow the signs of “Stora Vargleden” until Fagertärnsturen joins the road again.

Just after Store Mossjön you will find “Rödjorna” who offers accommodation and retreats.


After about 4km on the gravel road you reach the open-air museum Dammtorp. You are welcome to come by to have a picnic on the lawn or stay for a little walk around these old buildings. There is an old sauna, forge, tar pit and a coal hut.


After Dammtorp you turn into the forest back towards Tivedstorp. Here you ride on the old path which led from Tivedstorp to Dammtorps school. The school closed down in 1957. Until then the children used this path to walk the whole way through the woods to and from school.

After the school path a little bit of gravel road awaits you that lead you back to Tivedstorp where you follow the road through the village back to the parking lot.