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Fisklösenområdet (Fish stocking area)

Laxå, Örebro län


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  • Fishing

North of Tiveden National Park, in the deep forest around Tiveden, lies the Fish-stocking area with lakes Nödre and Mellre Fisklösen. Many Fish enthusiasts collect here, as the lakes offer good opportunities for rainbow trout fishing. Between the lakes are several jetties and BBQ areas, and there are also windbreaks. The lakes are managed by Hökensås Sportfiske and a fishing license is required to fish here.

If you want to do something other than fish, you can hike the trails around the lakes. Crooked pines line the path, and the water is adorned by waterlilies and lobelia. If you want to walk a little longer the Bergslagsleden (The Miners Trail) connects east of Nödre Fisklösen. If you follow Bergslagsleden north, Tivedstorp is 1.5 km away. There is the option of overnight accommodation. If instead you take the trail south you arrive at Kölnvattnet (51) after 2 km, and then you can continue on to Tiveden National Park.