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Fisklösenområdet (Fish stocking area)

Laxå, Örebro län


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North of Tiveden National Park, in the deep forests surrounding Tiveden, sits the Fish-stocking area, with its lakes Nödre and Mellre Fisklösen. Here, people with an interest in fishing gather as the lakes provides plenty of opportunity to catch rainbow trout. Around the lakes are plenty of jetties and BBQ spots, there are also windbreaks. The lakes are managed by Hökensås Sportfiske and you will need a fishing licence to test your luck here.

If you wish to enjoy activities other than fishing, you are welcome to wander along the paths surrounding the lakes. Twisted pine trees line the path and the water is adorned with water lilies and lobelias. If you would like to go a bit further Bergslags trail connects on the east side of Nödre Fisklösen lake. If you follow the path north, you arrive at Tivedstorp after 1.5 km. Here you can stay overnight and purchase a fishing licence. If you follow the path south instead you reach Kölnvattnet (51) after 2 km, you can then continue on to Tiveden National Park.

Don’t forget your fishing rod and fishing licence.

There is a path encircling the lake.