Laxå, Örebro län


  • Mountainbiking

Half of this trail is a technical path. You pass by several of the old cottages of the village of Tivedstorp. Through out the forest you will find beautiful stone cairns and stonewalls that sparks the imagination as to how the surroundings once looked when the village was large and had extensive cultivated fields and pastures.


You start at Tivedstorp, one of Tivedens old Finnish villages. In the 17th century Finns came here with the intention to populate this uninhabited wilderness, attracted by offers of free land and 6 years of tax exemption. They cleared land in the forest and started cultivating their crop “Svedjeråg”. The village of Tivedstorp grew and by the end of the 19th century it had around 140 inhabitants. After people migrated to the cities in the early 20th century the empty village was bought up by a voluntary organization which received refugees and later it became the hostel and café and remains so until today.

Bergslagsleden around the village

From the parking at Tivedstorp you start to bike on the walking trail Bergslagsleden and then you turn left on gravel road, passing the farm which was once the village’s little grocery shop. A bit down the gravel road is the old missionary house which was built in 1880 and was Tivedens first house of prayer. Missionshuset has a rare well-kept original character with the best preserved interior of the old missionary houses in the county.


Then you keep following the gravel road passing some other farm houses in the forest which once belonged to Tivedstorp. You turn right up towards Bastlandsängen, one of Tivedstorps old farm houses. Here the trail becomes a forest path again and leads you along stone cairns and the old stonewalls of the fields.

After a last bit of gravel road, you follow the forest path which takes you straight up to Tivedstorps café.