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Laxå, Örebro län


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After a walk you reach the stony beach. Despite the built-up area, you can sit undisturbed on a rock just a headland away, surrounded by rough pines, various coastal plants and the lake. You can stare out over Skagern from here and view the rich birdlife. Between the stones and the boulders, you can find driftwood, discover the plants that defy a seemingly hostile environment and adorn the beach. A little way from the beach is a path that leads south along the shoreline. Soon the forest opens up and the path leads out into a secluded sandy cove, with magnificent crooked old pines. The beach invites both bathing and play, such as exploring the small insect life of the sandy surroundings.

Along the stony and subsequently sandy beach, scabious and purple loosestrife grow along with jointed rushes, small water-pepper herbs and reeds. The rare little beach buttercup creeps over and decorates the beach’s pebbles. At the edge of the forest just by the beach, blue moss grows in cushions and on the beach’s old pines the rare red-ring fungus thrives. The area is as beautiful as it is valued.

Easy walking forest path on flat terrain.