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Finneskog Forest

Laxå, Örebro län


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In the area there are forest trails and lit-paths, making the area easily accessible. Despite the paths leading through cultivated forest without much valuable nature, there are some gems to be found. To the northwest, there is a spruce forest with some deciduous trees that has a lush feel to it. Here, plenty of small birds thrive such as chaffinches and nuthatches. In areas close to houses such as this, the small birds are used to people, making it easier to see them closer up than usual. Surrounding the spruce forest is an older pine forest, here the trees are approximately 160 years old! Amongst the old pine trees the ground is covered in various mosses and blueberries also thrive here. Through the forest runs a little stream, enriching the environment and bringing a sense of calm to anyone wishing to stop and admire it.

Lit tracks with wide paths. Windbreak with BBQ area.