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Laxå, Örebro län


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From the car park an asphalt path leads down to the bathing areas, jetty and wind break. The lake is located deep in the forest, far from main roads. Here it is silent apart from the sounds of nature. Ospreys call over the lake, perhaps nesting somewhere along this shore? The environment is suitable so there is a good chance. The lake is surrounded by beautiful marshes, with plenty of old slow-growing pines. Some of them might suit a pair of Ospreys.

In addition to osprey, beavers also thrive in the area. There is plenty of pieces of birch in the pine forest, and a large shed is placed close to the jetty. Sometimes it is difficult to know if the great splashes breaking the silence come from the old pike hunting or if the beavers are startled.

Those with boots or proper hiking footwear, can follow the shore on an obscure path, over the white moss of the marsh and through bushes of wild rosemary. The fact that the lake moss around the water’s edge is old and healthy is evident as species such as red-ring fungus and tooth fungus can be found.

Walking along the shore is done at your own risk – remember temporary bridges can be both fragile and slippery!

Some parts are asphalted and suitable for wheelchairs.