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Laxå, Örebro län


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This part of Laxås forest is diverse with alternating ridges and marshland. In the area you can follow the paths, make your own circular routes, or follow the crest of the ridges to navigate the pathless terrain.

From the north, Lekaråsen itself is best reached from the sand-deposit. Follow the path to the south west from the roundabout. It partially follows the parallel path between the ridges and marshland and then leads up onto the crest of the ridge. It is then easy to follow the ridge south through coniferous forest even though the path disappears after a while. It is fascinating to imagine how our forefathers found their way around in pathless forests, past fallen trees and other obstacles, using landmarks like this clear ridge.

Earlier Fallet croft lay southeast of the ridge, and there are remains of the building here. From Fallet there are paths in various directions and if you head north or east you will quickly be led into enchanting landscape with old fir trees, moss-covered rises and erratic boulders. You can take the path past Isberga and on out to a road that takes you to a little, preserved deciduous forest area by Brostugan, just east of the shooting ranges.

Deciduous forest is an unexpected element in this nature, which is otherwise dominated by moss and coniferous forest. The area was previously a domain reserve, and has been allowed to develop into a natural forest. The terrain is rocky, and if you go into the forest you have to navigate without paths. Here nature has had a free rein and stepping in and experiencing the forest from the interior is breath-taking. The undergrowth gives the forest several layers which together with the carpet of herbs makes the forest lush and complex. Everywhere there is something new to discover, no two places are alike.

GPS and some company offers security if you want to hike in pathless terrain.

The area is so large and varied, that a visit can be experienced on different levels. The forest and marches can be enjoyed from gravel tracks, paths can be followed by those whose physique allows, and the more adventurous can go off on their own journey of discovery in the terrain.