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Laxå, Örebro län


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If you follow the gravel road for a while you will reach a small sandy beach with a little fire pit. The road runs close to the water, and the narrow strip between them is adorned with meadow flowers such as field scabious, ribwort, milkwort, tufted milkwort and greater butterfly orchids. Here orange lilies also grow which are either wild or left over from old building. Meadow plants thrive where the ground is unfertilised and kept open as in grazing land. Today many take root in road clearings and similar, which are kept open thanks to the road maintenance.

If you then follow the path out on the headland you will go through a sparse pine forest. Here many of the trees are old, and on the ground are fallen trees which in death give new life to other species. In the drier part lichens thrive, but mostly the ground is covered in blueberry bushes, which are displaced by heather nearer to the shore and bearberry on dry slopes. From the moist depressions spreads the aromatic scent of wild rosemary.

Along the path are simple benches and a small bathing spot. Perhaps you can bring the dog for a refreshing swim? Furthest out is the option to BBQ, and if you bring binoculars you can search for arctic loons that thrive around the lakes.

West of the headland is the start of Vintervägen (the Winter Track) which runs between Björnviken and Snavlunda. The stretch is signed by blue posts, but it follows no paths. This is because the track was not a path, but a trail for transporting timber in winter. The terrain was best used to facilitate horse-drawn transport and a large part of the route goes over marshland which, when frozen, became good smooth ground.

There are paths and the terrain is easy. There is no risk of getting lost with the water on one side and the road on the other.