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Askersund, Örebro län


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Meet the culture and history, where the Holy Birgitta and the poet Werner von Heidenstam have left their mark. Here you will also find great nature along the cliffs of Lake Vättern or in the forests around Lake Fagertärn, the origin of the red water lilies. Enjoy good food and good accommodation in the small factory village Olshammar in the Norra Vättern archipelago. Adjacent to the north of the Vättern archipelago on the west coast of Vättern, you will find it in the small Olshammar, one of the first areas in Sweden where industrial activities such as sawmills were started and where the mass production of the city is the livelihood of the village .

Here you can visit the lovely Birgitte Church that is related to the 13th century Saint Birgitta. The church was built in 1620 and has received a beautiful decoration in the form of coat of arms, glass paintings and silver crowns. Also view the Birgit stone, which according to tradition was used by St. Brigitta to climb her horse over the ice from the Vättern to Vadstena to drive.

The adjacent Olshammarsgården is the birthplace of Werner von Heidenstam, poet and Nobel Prize winner. Here is a small museum in the poet's birthplace. If you walk around with a guide you can visit both and take a look at the boat museum next to the church.

Olshammar borders Norra Vätterns skärgård, an ekopark with 250 islands, where canoes and boats can be rented at Aspa Bootclub. You can make a wonderful walk in the Schaarkust in the nature reserve Utnäset, 10 km south of Olshammar. At the parking lot you can view the old blast furnace of Igelbäcken. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Lake Vättern.

From Olshammar you can also walk the ancient routes through Tiveen's mighty primeval forests, where the monks and the local inhabitants went before us, such as the Munkastigen and the Bergslagsleden.

Admire the pink-red water lilies during a walk around the lake and nature reserve Fagertärn. The lilies bloom from June to August and can even be admired from a wheelchair or with a pram, as there is an adapted part of the route.

Welcome to Olshammar!

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