12.0 km

Part of this stage passes through the Tiveden National Park. Here you can experience one of the wildest forests in southern Sweden – the unspoilt enchanted forest area of Tiveden with rocks covered in layers of lichen and where, during the summer, the rare red waterlily is in full bloom. Don’t miss the opportunity to climb Trollkyrkoberget, which in the past was used for clandestine meetings of the members of the free church movement. Stenkällegården is the most southerly point of the Bergslagen Trail. The resting place on this stage has a wind shelter, fireplace and toilet, and is located at Kölnavattnet. STF has declared Stages 15-17 to be a signature trail with its abundance of natural features typical of the region, along with spectacular countryside and wildlife experiences.


Tivedstorp saknar kommunikation, men Stenkällegården går att nå via riksväg 49. Från riksvägen har du cirka 2 km till Stenkällegården. www.lanstrafiken.sewww.skovdebuss.se


Skogsväg och skogsstig.

Along the way