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Traceless in Tiveden

Laxå, Örebro län


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Would you like to learn canoeing? Please, join and let me teach you! My name is Lovisa and as a certified naturguide I create day trips and clinics with wooden canoes. My day trips are beginner friendly and the focus is always on having a good time outdoors rather than covering long distances in a hurry. So brace yourself and prepare to bask in the sun, some delicious campfire cooking and maybe even a (voluntary) swim at our lunch stop. At my weekend clinics we really get to dig deep into paddle technique and safety practices, but there’s also time to hang out with fellow outdoor people and stay the night in a tree tent.

I named my business Traceless in Tiveden, as it describes how I’d like to live my outdoorlife. Simple, local, in balance with nature and with as little negative impact on nature as possible. You can read more and book your experiences at my website

Booking: Online, at our website Traceless in Tiveden

Instagram and Facebook; @tracelessintiveden