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Traceless in Tiveden

Laxå, Örebro län


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Canoeing with Traceless in Tiveden

It's a special feeling traveling in a wooden canoe. It's a mix of meditation and adventure in a wilderness to explore. There's good food and time to hang out by the campfire. On a day trip with us, you'll explore Tiveden in wooden canoes with a local guide, sharing this magical experience.

Our trips alway starts with an introduction to canoeing, learning both the basics and some secrets on how to bring your paddling to the next level. Out on the water we'll check out a beavers lodge and the story of how the very first canoes were built. We help one another out with the small portage between the lakes, and then we'll have Swedish "fika" in the canoes - with locally roasted coffee.

Then we'll explore the lake. We seek out hidden places and sites along the shore, keep our eyes and ears open for the wild animals and birds around us. Later on, we'll make lunch together by the fire. Back on shore, we hope that you'll leave us inspired and eager for more adventures.

Booking: Online, at our website Traceless in Tiveden

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