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Laxå, Örebro län


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Next to Näset estate are old grazing and meadows that are rich in flora, so valuable that the area is protected as a Natura-2000 area. The grounds can be reached from the estate and you can easily follow the path through its various areas. The walk will take you through a mature and varied cultural landscape, though lush grounds filled with hazel and small hills and over sunlit plains. The valuable flora and beautiful surroundings are preserved through traditional mowing and grazing which demands a lot of work and passion. Thanks to this hard work, you can find flora species here such as; wolfs bane, meadow saxifrage, alpine bistort, milkwort and spotted cat’s ear. It is also a rare glance into history, a remnant of what the landscape looked like in the past. A landscape that quickly changed when modern farming techniques became common practice, and that hardly exists any more. Many of the species that are found here were common in the past, but now they have become rare because of their need for sparse and well cared-for land.

During the walk through birches, junipers, hazel bushes and ash trees you might just hear a chiffchaff close by, or the call of the cranes at a distance. To the south you reach the beach of Lake Unden on a south-facing slope with wild strawberries, lily of the valley, hawkweeds and meadowbells. The view over the lake is beautiful and the water inviting. A lovely place for a moments rest and a picnic.


Always be considerate! Because the area is right next to private property, and the road is privately maintained, be especially careful and mindful. Grazing animals may also be present, be considerate of them and leave them in peace. Always remember to close gates behind you! The access road is only open during the summer months, and the land is carefully tended by enthusiastic volunteers.

Hiking shoes and flora.

The area is only accessible during the summer. A few kilometres on flat ground. Though not accessibility-adapted.