Laxsjöarnas Fiskevårdsförening

Laxå, Örebro län


  • Fishing

Laxsjöarnas Fiskevårdsförening (The Salmon Lakes Fishery Conservation Association)

West and East Laxsjöarna, Östersjön, Örkaggen, Gryten, Borasjön and more, as well as 13 smaller lakes are managed by Laxsjöarnas Fiskevårdsförening. Fine lakes with many species of fish: perch, pike, pike-perch (West Laxsjön) and stocked trout (East Laxsjön).

East and west Laxsjöarna are the largest in the area. East Laxsjön has very clear water and houses some stocked trout. West Laxsjön has somewhat darker water as a result of runoff from marshes and smaller lakes. There are sporadic pike-perch here from an earlier stocking.