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Laxå, Örebro län


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Along the west side of the headland runs a path through the old pine forest. Here along Östra Laxsjön shore, the pines have grown rough and all the way out on the headland you will find the selective red-ring fungus. It grows only on really old pines, preferably over 150 years old! Red-ring fungus therefor indicates that the forest it is found in can be old and valued. Some trees have had their root systems exposed, and the gnarled roots can be admired. When pines are allowed to get old and rough, their branches eventually droop and the top of the crown flattens out. As such, with strong branches and flat tops, they form a suitable base for osprey and sea-eagle nests!

On the headland you stroll on soft hilly terrain. Between the pines, the ground is covered with lingonberries and blueberries. The forest, the lapping water against the shore and the characteristic scent of conifer forest lakes capture much of the typical nature of Laxå. When you stroll on the headland and along these shores, it is easy to start wondering what forms of the landscape were created by the hand of man and which were produced by nature itself.

The stones of the shore are replaced here and there by sand inviting you to swim. There are several small sandy beaches along the west shore of the headland. Furthest out at the point of the headland is a simple fire pit and a couple of simple benches.

Good walking shoes, swimming gear.

The area is easily accessible, with light terrain and clear (albeit unmarked and narrow) paths.