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The Old Railway

Laxå, Örebro län


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Between 1884 and 1990 the cargo train ran between Laxå and the industries in Röfors. After the train transport ceased the rails were lifted in 1993. Since then the track valley has been used as a walking and cycling path between the towns. On route you pass horse paddocks and forests of different types, as well as a wetland where Laxån river is dammed at the height of a place called Fördärvet. If you look towards the wetlands, you can see both whooper swans and buzzing dragonflies.

Along the railway wild strawberries and wintergreens grow well, and surprisingly enough a mass of lime-craving orchids. If you keep your eyes open, you will see night violets and wild orchids on the roadside. In the wetland occasional examples of purple wild orchids appear, and if you are lucky you may see them. All orchids in Sweden are protected and may not be picked. In addition, the helleborine orchid is one of our rarer orchids and should be shown great respect and consideration.

The track valley is easy to follow all the way between Laxå and Röfors, but circa 1 km south of Laxå it is crossed by a gravel road, which can be followed west to Byggemarken’s track or east to route 205. Instead of turning when you reach Röfors, you can return by the electric track that runs slightly west of the embankment.

Broad road. Rolling friendly with someone to help. (påputtare)

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