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Pippelåsarna Nature Reserve

Laxå, Örebro län


  • Nature reserve

Pippelåsarna is a so-called leafburn – and old fire field where the forest has been allowed to develop freely after a large forest fire. Coarse aspen, bouquet shaped birch and robust pines characterise this forest in a hilly and rocky landscape with many damp depressions.

During an inventory in 1999 several rare and threatened species were found here, amongst them the cross-marked fungus beetle which is linked with damp, rotten wood. Other species found in Pippelåsarna are callidium coriaceum beetle and white marmorated longhorn, which both lay their eggs under the bark of conifers, rhagium mordax and platycerus caraboides are two beetles whose larvae lives in dead hardwood. If you see something red on a dead aspen stem, it can be inonctus fungus. Fence rail cup lichen is one of many lichens that thrive on dead and dying wood. Heller's Notchwort prefers to grow on dead spruce and pine but also on aspens.


Pippelåsarna belongs to level 1 in the County Board’s classification of the county’s nature reserves, which means that the reserve has a wilderness character and lacks outdoor recreation facilities.


Kommun: Laxå

Bildat år: 2008, utvidgat 2020

Areal: 144 hektar

Markägare: Naturvårdsverket

Reservatsbildare: Länsstyrelsen

Förvaltare: Länsstyrelsen


Reservatet ligger ca 7 km sydost om Finnerödja. Från Finnerödja, ta länsväg 575 mot Tived. Efter 7,8 km. Mitt under en kraftledning går en liten skogsbilväg åt höger mot naturreservatet Juarbergen. En liten väg går även åt vänster. Pippelåsarna ligger här nordost om väg 575 och sydost om kraftledningsgatan. Ingen reservatsparkering finns. Inga leder eller service i övrigt.


I naturreservatet är det förbjudet att:

  • ta bort eller skada döda träd eller delar av träd
  • göra upp eld annat än på angiven plats