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Slottbols small lakes

Laxå, Örebro län


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Surrounding the two small lakes, west and east Småsjön, you find yourself in cosy sparse pine forest with a ground cover of heather, blueberries and bilberries. The pine trees are short and take different shapes, twisted, split, angled and gnarled. Near the lakes, are wetter areas where white cushion moss grows, adorned with both cloudberries and cranberries. There are no paths here, animal trails and old wheel tracks can be used to get through the terrain.

In one of the lakes, a family of goldeneye might be nesting if you are lucky. Goldcrest have been spotted in the area. The lakes and surrounding marshlands are also a perfect setting for birds such as cranes and loons. The solitary lake’s inhabitants are not used to visitors, so if you venture out here it is important to be very mindful of both nesting birds and wood-living insects.

Good shoes, mosquito repellent. Extra map and compass/GPS might be good to bring.

Difficult terrain that takes a little nature know-how.