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Laxå, Örebro län


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For a long time, there has been a path between the croft Rom and the farms in Grönlid, and it still exists today. The path follows a ridge through the terrain, past forest clearings and sun-worshiping butterflies, variously aged conifer forests and quagmires.

Where the path meets the road at Rom some meadow and grove flora grow and various butterflies enjoy the flowers. Here you can find flora such as heath spotted orchid, sweet vernal grass and heath speedwell. Along the paths drier and sunnier areas there are plenty of butterflies. The path is surrounded by heather and interrupted-clubmoss, sundew can also be studied here in an environment with which it is not usually associated. Sundew usually grows in marshlands and mires. It can on occasion be found growing on gravel, like here, alongside other plants on a dry exposed hillside.

The forest you are surrounded by is dominated by spruces and pines the character of which changes the deeper into the forest you travel. A little way, in the path winds through high value natural forest, where young and old trees coexist and dead timber provides a habitat for a diversity of mushrooms, insects and other organisms. With a spot of luck, both wolfs milk and dog vomit can be found, both bizarre organisms of the slime mould family which are actually more closely connected to animals than fungi.

Good walking shoes and if it’s a sunny day, plenty of water and sun screen. It can get very hot where it is open.

The path is not marked, and close to Rom it gets quite narrow, but the terrain is not very difficult. In the south the path widens into a narrow road.