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Laxå, Örebro län


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Sågkvarnsbäcken stream is a very diverse waterway, surrounded by beautiful and varied nature. Occasionally the stream broadens into calm pools, giving it the character of a long lake rather than a stream. The calm is broken up by stretches of rapids where the rocky bottom is clearly visible. A rocky bottom with plenty of gravel is important for many species, not least the trout.

The water has historically been an important source of energy for the area. Now there are no dams left in the stream, and the stretches of rapids have been restored so that they can again act as play areas for Unden’s trout.

The fact that the stream should be free from dams is not something the beavers care much about. In the north area there are plenty of traces of beaver, both dams and lodges. There are plenty of deciduous trees and the forest closest to the water is a natural forest with plenty of dead wood and different tree varieties. This means that even the picky crown coral mushroom thrives, its preferred habitat is well decayed aspen logs.

The southern area is slightly different in character, and not as accessible. If you get past the cliffs and outcrops and down to the rapids, you will be met by water surrounded by natural forest, with dead wood and dramatic inclines. Here, there is no sign of human interference, and on the rocks in the flowing water lives a freshwater sponge, spongilla lacustris, in amorphous colonies.

In the north it is possible to wander freely along the banks, even without marked paths.

In the south, on the other hand, there are no paths down to the water, it takes a little more nature know-how to find your way from the rock outcrops to the water.

Good shoes. If you are heading to the southern section; some company, a map, compass/GPS might be good to have.