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Brinkängen meadow

Laxå, Örebro län


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The deciduous forest that creates the centre of the area is an old domain reserve that is now designated as a key biotope. The path that was once cleared through the area is now overgrown and it is easier to enter the area where it meets the spruce forest to the south.

The deciduous forest stretches out along a rocky, westerly slope. In the south, hazel grows in tight bushes while rough birch, aspen and pine trees protrude here and there. Blueberries dominate the ground cover, interrupted by clubmoss. Higher up, where the slope levels, there is an open border between the hazel woods and the surrounding forest. Through the larger trees, the water of Lake Skagern can be spotted, the view is both unexpected and stunning. The open terrain is covered in lily of the valley, and the sunlit surroundings close to both bushes and forest provide an excellent environment for butterflies, which are frequently seen in an abundance.

To the north, the hazel bushes are replaced by tall, straight oak trees. Oak forests are fairly uncommon in this area, and even though this forest is small, it creates a valued environment.

Good shoes, the area is rocky and the terrain is rugged. Protection against mosquitos and gnats is recommended.

There are no paths, explore the area making your own way through the rugged terrain. It is not a large area and is well defined.