Laxå, Örebro län


  • Biking

On this trail you will get to see the part of Tiveden that is a bit further away from the national park. You pass by several old villages and bike along the beautiful big lake of Unden. There is a lot of spots to take a break, possibilities to stop by a café, buy an ice cream or have a little swim in Undens crystal clear water.

On the way back you can visit Sannerud and stay for a well-deserved coffee or food.

Big parts of the trail are shared with horseback riders, please mind each other!


Tivedens pretty village of Sannerud is located on the shores of Unden, here you can find a small grocery store (Lanthandel), a restaurant and good coffee. The church was built in 1847, in only seven weeks the local population finished the construction of the church. Maybe they were so fast because they were tired of walking the whole way to the church of Undenäs every week.


After passing through the village you continue straight on the riding trail, a nice grassy path. If you prefer you can take the parallel asphalt road as well. After a while you get out on the main road which passes by Hamgården, offering rentals of cabins close to Unden.

Camping Tiveden

Right after Hamgården you pass Camping Tiveden. You are welcome to stay for an ice cream or a cup of coffee. It is possible to rent canoes here and paddle on Tiveden’s canoe trail or in Unden. After the camping you follow the road towards Häggeboda.


Right after Häggeboda the trail leaves the main road to join the parallel old country road that runs parallel to the lake Unden.


This is a place where using water power is a long tradition. In the 18th century a mill was built and during the 19th century there were two lumber mills in operation.

It’s also the end of the canoe trail starting in Bosjön, passing 5 lakes and ending here in Unden.

Here you cross the main road again and take a gravel country road, passing through forests, farms and fields.

Bakstugan and Kolarkojorna

Bakstugan is a café where you also can rent a Kolarkoja (a charcoal-burner hut) and stay overnight. Historically there was a lot of charcoal production in the forests of Tiveden, until today you can recognize the spots, so called Kolbottnar.

** **Old country road

The trail continues on gravel road, going back down to the old gravel road that goes parallel to the asphalt road towards Sannerud. You pass a pretty old stone bridge and again cross the canoe trail.

The trail leads you into the valley of Tarmlången, an old valley formed in prehistoric times when the boulders raised up and got washed out by the water from the melting ice.