Kungens växtrunda, Granviks naturreservat

2.5 km

Now you have the chance to exercise your botanical knowledge. In Granvik Nature Reserve is Kungens växtrunda (The King’s flora tour) where you can learn about all sorts of plants, both beneficial and harmful. Some would probably call this a rather unusual trail. The reason the trail has regal connections is because the Hussars of the Life Regiment, K3, donated it as a gift to King Carl XVI Gustav in the nineties. Along the trail is rich flora of interesting plants, and information boards explaining their characteristics. Even today the trail is used by the Armed Forces Survival School. The western part of the trail passes through a beautiful old English Park from the 1800s industrial era. Birch, beech and larch grow here, as well as a lot of foreign deciduous and coniferous trees. The eastern part, which borders Lake Vättern, is characteristically hilly with coves, promontories and heathland pine forest. Furthest out on Granvik headland is a great rest spot with a fire pit and lovely views across the water. The trail begins by the Visitor Centre in Granvik. Most common is to walk clockwise in the direction of the pond, which was at one time established as a bird pond in the English Park.

Along the way