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Bentaboda Marshes

Laxå, Örebro län


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The trail takes you to a large marsh complex, with forest and mossy areas and a few gullies. Pines trees spread over the whole area. They vary from being sparse and low in the damp sections, to large and impressive where it is dry. The forest around here is over a hundred years old in several places. A long period of being undisturbed has benefited nature with red-listed species, such as witches hair fungus, bracket fungus, hedgehog fungus and orange sweet-tooth fungus.

Out on the marsh it is silent and you can feel the wilderness, far from roads and away from buildings. The only thing audible is bird-song and the rustle of the trees. The marsh is rich in berries and every so often the air is filled with the scent of masses of blueberries and cloudberries.

Getting to and around the area is an adventure. The place is difficult to access and walking can be challenging, but at the same time its inaccessibility is part of the charm of the area. It awakens thoughts about the people of generations back who regularly passed this way, on the winter track between Snavlunda and Östra Laxsjön.

Boots so that you can walk through the damp sections.

Accessible for the adventurous and the nature-aware.